The Impact of a Daily Bible Verse

19 Sep

How important is the world of God to you? There are many platforms today that can offer you a daily bible verse and will help you keep up the long journey no matter the problems that you are passing through. Daily Bible reading is one of the excellent habits that any Christian can benefit in various ways. This article will help you realize some of the amazing ways that you can benefit especially when you read a verse each and every day of your life.

Firstly, Gods word will lead us to salvation. Many people are seen to come to Christ after they have heard Him either from another person, but you need to know that the way of salvation is taking the bible and reading it. When you reread and believe the truth of the scripture, you will be saved or when someone else reads it for you, this is according to 1st Peter 1:23. Your steps will be guided, and there is no place that you will step without knowing, in fact, according to psalms the bible says that, the word of God is like a lamp to my feet and will ensure that the paths are lightened. When you take your time and read the word of God, you will know exactly where you are going, what exactly to say and the right ways of making decisions, view here!

The daily world of God will direct you to wisdom, according to Psalms, the world of God says that the unfolding of the word of God will help to give understanding uniquely, this means that the scripture is the greatest protection that you can ever have. The scripture will act like a shield whereby your ways will be guarded and ensure that you get warned in case there is danger coming your way. You find that when you neglect the word of God, it will be very difficult for you to be able to determine the right thing from the wrong one. Discover more facts about the bible at

The other thing is that your burdens will be lifted as the Lord is always interested in the various aspects of our lives. This is the reason people will run to the word when in pain, loneliness or even when one is sick and ensure that help is received every time that you may be in trouble. The reason being the word of God is great, and it will help in determining the paths that we are leading, and it is our shelter in case of trouble, click to know more!

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